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This classic Toe Pincher style coffin was used during the Old West and just about everywhere else for that matter, and was the kind of rough wood that coffins were made of the world over for most common folk. Once assembled, this classic coffin measures almost six-feet long. While it is not quite wide enough for an adult, it is perfect to put a skeleton or other Halloween prop in. This coffin can be shipped via UPS saving a lot of money in shipping! Requires some assembly. Available unlined. Visit www.HalloweenConnection.com for more info!


These wooden burial caskets are the real thing and are the same that you would purchase at a funeral home. The Halloween Connection has a limited supply of these new caskets and is selling them for well under the normal price you would normally expect to pay. Made from quality wood, stained and completely lined, they sell for $695.00 (+shipping by truck because of there weight and size).


Meant for funeral viewing, and not actual burial, these economical caskets are built with a wooden subframe, compressed corrugated walls, felt covering, and real handrails make this casket ready for the afterlife. Also includes satin linings and pillows. Note, they were not designed to take heavy use, such as climbing in and out of. They retail for $399.00 (+shipping). You'll have to search around the net to find this one.


The Party Coffin measures six feet long and made of standard heavy-duty cardboard. At $39.99 it is the least expensive option for a Halloween coffin, but remember, its only cardboard. Some assembly is required. Available at most Halloween stores during the season.

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